antithesis of stupidity

He has knownfrom an early age that everyone willbe satisfied with him as longashe is stupid, despite any expressions to thecontrary. People are surprisedwhenin time of stress, if hedecides tocome through,it turnsoutthat heis not stupidat all—any more than isthe “stupid” younger son in thefairy tale. Antithesis. The antithesis
Just as air and earth form a major diametrical antithesis in relation to fire and water, which I have elsewhere described as minor, so wisdom and folly form such an antithesis, with cleverness and stupidity taking the minor position in between. Wisdom and folly are not antithetical in the manner of illusion and truth, which is to
Critical Criticism, which becomes objective to itself only in relation to its antithesis, to the Mass, to stupidity, is consequently obliged continually to produce this antithesis for itself, and Herren Faucher, Edgar and Szeliga have supplied sufficient proof of their virtuosity in their speciality, the mass stupefaction [Verdummung] of
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There truth will consist in a proper relationship between thought and being, and the conceptual determination will contain an expression for the antithesis to ... is to objectify, and, as we have seen, to speak objectively about inwardness (and Christianity, it will be remembered, is the highest form of inwardness) is stupidity.
He is stupid. I am not disputing that, but perhaps the normal man should be stupid, how do you know? Perhaps it is very beautiful, in fact. And I am the more persuaded of that suspicion, if one can call it so, by the fact that if you take, for instance, the antithesis of the normal man, that is, the man of acute consciousness, who
amateur n.person, weakness, stupidity. 17. dunce n.person, weakness, stupidity. 13. average adj.common, ordinary, middle. 8. expectation n.person, weakness, stupidity. 7. regularity n.person, weakness, stupidity. 6. imbecile n.person, weakness, stupidity. 5. normality n.person, weakness, stupidity. 4. dumbbell n.person
stupidity. noun. dullness of mind. absurdity · apathy · asininity · battiness · brainlessness · doltishness · fatuity · fatuousness · feeble-mindedness · idiocy · ignorance · imbecility · imprudence · incapacity · ineptitude · injudiciousness · insensibility · lunacy · nitwittedness · nonsense · obtuseness · puerility · shallowness
... because the very opposition of inside/outside has been deconstructed like that of guilt and innocence, freedom and unfreedom, essence and existence, and any other such antithesis on which the structured universe is founded. Svejk: Stupidity and Survival To move from Kafka to Hacek, and from K. to Svejk, is, on the one

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